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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Praise Service Worship Sets

Did we sing a song in a weekend service that you'd like to find out more about?  This channel contains lists of all of our Praise Service worship sets along with notes from Joe Mazza and links to buy the recordings from the iTunes Music Store. (Posted every Tuesday morning)
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December 27-28 Worship Set Recap

Sunday, December 28, 2008 View Comments Comments (0)
Here are the songs for this last weekend in 2008.  As usual the links take you to the iTunes Music Store where you can buy these recordings (where available!).
Enter In

Marvelous Light
Take Me Higher

Wonderful Maker (Saturday only)

Never Be The Same

December 24 Worship Set Recap

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Angels We Have Heard On High
Joy To The World
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Little Town Of Bethlehem

O Come Be Born Again

Jesus, Light Of The World

Silent Night

December 20-21 Worship Set Recap

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December 20-21 Songs!!

Joy To The World

Come And Worship
What Child Is This
For These Reasons

The First Noel

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

December 13-14 Worship Set Recap

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December 13-14 Worship Set recap...

Hi everyone!  As usual the links take you to the iTunes Music Store where you can buy these recordings (where available!).

We opened this week with an instrumental version of My Favorite Things.  The arrangement was based off of the Brian Setzer Orchestra recording.

Angels We Have Heard On High // This arrangement is from one of my favorite Christmas records by Erin O'Donnell  Erin and I went to college together and I later played guitar for her on a tour for this record.  If you are looking for a last minute set of new Christmas songs, buy this record NOW!

Lord, Reign In Me //

He Reigns //

The whole purpose of Advent is to align ourselves once again with God so that he is given ownership of our lives.

Here I Am To Worship // This is really truly a Christmas song

O Little Town Of Bethlehem //

December 6-7 Worship Set Recap

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Hello everyone and happy December.  This week was the second weekend of Advent.  I can't believe we are less than 20 days away from our celebration of Christ's birth. 

Here's the list of songs for this weekend.  As always, the links will take you to the iTunes Music Store where you can buy each song.  For this to work, you must have iTunes installed on your computer, which is a free download.

Joy To The World
(Bebo Norman) //  We first introduced this song last year at our Christmas Concert (which is this coming Sunday, December 14th at 4 pm in the sanctuary).  It's such a great adaptation of this classic Christmas lyric.

Angels From The Realms of Glory //  This one was arranged by my good friend Rob Still, who I have mentioned before as a great worship leader and songwriter.

Open The Eyes of My Heart //
Awesome Is The Lord Most High //
I Give You My Heart //

We Are Listening
//  I just love this song.  I think my 7 years in Nashville haven't left me yet.

O Come O Come Emmanuel // As Emily talked about, the name Emmanuel means "God With Us."  We know that God is always with us, and yet this whole Advent season is all about celebrating that at one time God was not so near, but now God is totally and completely available to us through Christ.  And I think that not only should we be praying "O Come O Come Emmanuel," but also that we would come home to Christ during this time.

If you've ever got questions about coming to God, or about any of the music we sing here, please get in touch with me.  You can email me, or call me any time at 954.771.7300 x 216.

Have a GREAT week- see you next week.


November 29-30 Worship Set Recap

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  It was really wonderful to start the Advent season this weekend.  I can't believe it's only FOUR WEEKS until our Christmas celebration!!!

Here are the songs from this weekend.  As always, click the links to go to the iTunes Music Store where you can buy each song.

Today Is The Day // Every day we have from God is a gift and the amazing news is, just as Phil talked about this weekend, we can make a new start at any time.  What are you doing this Advent season to prepare for Christ's birth?

Come And Worship //  I got a LOT of questions about this song this weekend.  We actually used it quite a bit last year too- it's an arrangement by Bebo Norman (click the song title to download it) that quickly became one of my favorite calls to worship.

God Of Wonders // I thought this fit really well after our call to worship.  Even if you have this song in your worship library, click the link anyway for a version by Travis Cottrell (Beth Moore's worship leader) that features yours truly on guitar (shameless promotional plug!).

I Will Boast //  I imagine that in times like these, even those most proud of their accomplishments start to question where their security is.  Fortunately, we have a God who has and will accomplish everything.  And in this God we can place all our trust.

Our God Saves // Would it be ok if we sang this song EVERY week?  I just love it. 

All I Am //  Again, as we begin Advent, it's a perfect time for new starts.  None of us can really say we live for Christ with ALL we are, but we can try by changing even the smallest details in our lives, as Phil mentioned at the end of this weekend's services.

Hallelujah Jesus // I found this song just this week and it turned out to be perfect for a closing song.  There's more to it than we did this weekend, so please click the link and check it out further.

Have a great week- see you all next week!!!

November 22-23 Worship Set Recap

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Here's the songs for the weekend of November 22-23.  As always, the links take you to the iTunes Music Store where you can buy the song.  All you need is to install iTunes!

November 15-16 Worship Set Recap

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Worship Set Recap
November 15-16, 2008
Sorry everyone!  I'm trying my best to get these out on time!  I'll do better for Advent!!!  As usual, the links will take you the iTunes Music Store where you can buy these recordings...

On Our Side // I thought that given this series is about God's sufficiency, it would be good to sing about God being on our side.  Romans 8:31 says "So, what do you think? With God on our side like this, how can we lose?" (The Message)

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing // My favorite hymn of all time, and this wonderful arrangement was done by my good friend Rob Still.  Some of the most honest lyrics ever written are "prone to wander, Lord I feel it / prone to leave the God I love. / Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it / seal it for your courts above..."

November 1-2 Worship Set Recap

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Hi everyone!

Sorry I have missed the postings for the last couple of weeks... we've started our preparation for Advent and Christmas (can you believe it??) and I lost track of time!

Here's the list from last week, November 1-2.  As always the links take you to the iTunes Music Store where you can buy the recordings...


Love The Lord //
All Of Me //
Freedom //
You Are My All In All //  yet another song we've managed to make sound like the Beatles!

Plant Me By The Water // this one was co-written by my predecessor, Andrew Lamb

Enough // this song will be used to close all three of the services in this current series.  With everything that is going on in the world and the current economic outlook, I think we need to be reminded in song that God is completely enough for our needs.
See you in church next week!!

October 4-5 Worship Set Recap

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 View Comments Comments (0)
Here is the worship set recap for October 4-5.  This past weekend was Christ Church School Sunday and it's such a blast to have so many school families with us and to celebrate the word God does through this incredible ministry we have.

I'm running short on time already this week so for now I'll just post the song titles with links to the iTunes Store.  I'll try to get back and write some commentary on them, but I've had a few people ask me where to find these songs so I wanted to get these links up now!

My Savior Lives

Sing For Joy

What Can I Do


See you in church next week... we've got a pretty cool setup change coming to the praise service so be sure to be there!