Christ Church, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, April 18, 2015

God's Little Lambs (Child Care)

God's Little Lambs was formed in 1999 by The Shepherd's Way, which ministers to families that are homeless. The ministry quickly recognized that a critical step on the road to steady employment and family stability was reliable and affordable childcare — thus, God's Little Lambs was born.
God's Little Lambs now provides childcare largely for children from low-income families, allowing mothers and fathers to work, save money and support their families. Most children in low-income families have parents who are employed, but generally lower-income employees pay a higher share of their pay for childcare than upper-income families. Lower-income workers often have no paid leave.

The God's Little Lambs SERVE Team at Christ Church wants to grow so there are more regular volunteers to read and interact with these precious children, and occasionally do easy craft projects with them.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED | April 8, 2015 | 9:45-11am 

God’s Little Lambs, 1100 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale (map), is seeking volunteers to be part of the Read to the Children Project. The next scheduled date is Wednesday, April 8.  Volunteers will gather at the center at 9:45am for prayer, before reading to groups of children. The center will provide the books.  Read to the Children usually wraps up at 11am.

For more information about this serving opportunity, please complete the form below. The team leaders will contact you to provide more information and to answer your questions.
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God's Little Lambs provides quality, low-cost, Christian child care in a happy and safe learning environment. The vision remains alive in a warm and caring home away from home for more than 100 children each year, 6-weeks-old to pre-kindergarten age, of all cultural backgrounds and religious faiths in an environment that is:
  • Licensed by the state of Florida and Broward County Child Care Licensing
  • Contracted with Family Central, Inc., the premier source for family and children's services in South Florida, the Federal Food Program, and the Broward County Early Learning Program
  • Staffed by professionally trained counselors
  • Funded to offer scholarships to families who cannot afford tuition
  • Dedicated to serving the whole family by teaching parenting skills
  • Open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm
The atmosphere at God's Little Lambs is one of compassion and Jesus' love for all his children. We feel that each child is a blessing, uniquely designed by God. Our goal is to nurture a secure feeling about his or her environment, others and themselves, which benefits the whole community.
Volunteers help teachers by reading to the children, teaching computer skills, and helping with the day-to-day care. Volunteers can come for as little as an hour at a time or on a regular basis. We also have periodic clean-up days to help with the general maintenance of the facility.
For more information on serving at God's Little Lambs, please contact Carol Stevens at 954.779-3185.